Pagalpanti Sets A New Benchmark In High Budget Movie In Gujarati Cinema

Pagalpanti Gujarati movie is all about Indianpanti where a group of tourist go on Fiji island and where they encounter various situations. It is the first Gujarati movie with high budget and More »

Muhurat and Poster Launch Hindi Film – Match Of Life – at Country Club

Muhurat  and Poster Launch Hindi Film “Match of life” . Presented BY Yashika Motion Pictures, is full of Entertainment, one line story Match of life this is a story of three friends More »

Perfect Miss & Mr Teen India 2018 – Concept Unveiled

The *”Perfect Woman”* brand’s latest offering is a mega talent show-cum-beauty pageant for Generation Y, which will debut on May 30, 2018 at Mumbai. Following with the contestants congregated for a ‘meet More »

Star Book Media and Indywood Talent Hunt Join Hands To Promote Young Talents

Hyderabad (24-05-2018): With an aim to provide more opportunities for youngsters to showcase their talents, Bangalore-based Star Book Media Pvt. Ltd, one of the leading casting, media and infotainment companies in the More »

Pagalpanti Is More Of Patriotism Than A Family Romcom Movie

Pagalpanti isa upcoming Gujarati movie and the script is a mixture of everything which includes action, romance,comedy,suspense,thriller and the main thing is Patriotism. We have seen more Bollywood and Marathi movies which More »

Actor Chandrachur Singh turned singer for Yadvi – The Dignified Princess set to Release in CA & New York

Bollywood in Current times has numerous actors. The one thing is common in the film industry is chocolate heroes or lover boys. However, among all, there was one star who has not More »


Pagalpanti Sets A New Benchmark In High Budget Movie In Gujarati Cinema

Pagalpanti Gujarati movie is all about Indianpanti where a group of tourist go on Fiji island and where they encounter various situations. It is the first Gujarati movie with high budget and lot of actors and actress.

We have seen more Bollywood and Marathi movies where the film budget is high but this time the Gujarati cinema is not lacking back. It includes famous actors like Rahul dev and Ali Asgar and the film is directed by Jackee Patel.

Here the film is shooted in Fiji island with a lot of characters. Since it was a high budget movie the teaser of the movie was launched in an event at Ahmedabad. It will be also screened as Pagalpanti Bollywood movie. The music for the movie is given by Bollywood’s sensational singers Aamantrika, Arvind Vegda, ParthOza, JigardanGadhavi and HimaliVyaz.

Solets be proud of our Gujarati cinema where they have strove so hard for a movie.

Muhurat and Poster Launch Hindi Film – Match Of Life – at Country Club

Muhurat  and Poster Launch Hindi Film “Match of life” .

Presented BY Yashika Motion Pictures, is full of Entertainment, one line story Match of life this is a story of three friends who individually plays the match of their life our first character is Yash Mehta who is unknown of his problem of hormonal disbalance in the night the second character of the movie is Bunty Chopra who is unaware of technology of 21st century the third character of our film is Amit Mishra look alike Virat Kohli when a common man having a face of celebrity how many problems he faces what are the positive circumstances and what are the negative circumstances and after the interval the villain of this film will enter.

Supported by Actor Shiva,Alpana Chakraborty, Kimaya Bhattacharya,Bhakti Kapoor and otherStar cast yet to finalized.

Producer- Vishal Mehta.

Director- Salim Khan.

Music Director- Ravi Chopra and Shweta Baheti. Lyrics – Shweta Baheti Tayal.

Associate Partner -Hindi Film Development Trade Association


SUPPORTED BY Cinema Aajtak Magazine, Leomedia and Metro Mumbai T.V Channel and many other channels


Perfect Miss & Mr Teen India 2018 – Concept Unveiled

The *”Perfect Woman”* brand’s latest offering is a mega talent show-cum-beauty pageant for Generation Y, which will debut on May 30, 2018 at Mumbai.

Following with the contestants congregated for a ‘meet and greet’ interaction, which was held on May 24, 2018  At *Flags Avant Garde* ( Restaurant & Banquet ) Andheri, Mumbai Our (Press Conference Venue Partner )

The panel included Singer Shibani Kashyap, Actor/ Producer Sweety Waalia, *”Perfect Miss & Mr Teens India 2018”* Organizers *Gurubhai Thakkar* and *Dr Khooshi Gurubhai*. Representatives of the brands associated with the pageant and key designers were also present along with the contestants and their parents. Several Perfect Miss India contestants and the winner of 2017 were present to motivate the aspiring teens who displayed their talents and made quite an impression on those gathered. The teen contestants were provided expert guidance on polishing communication skills. Shortlisted contestants will be groomed for the Grand Finale by *Ashleysha Yesugade*, one of *Asia’s top 10 supermodels 2018* and listed among the world’s 100 sexiest women!


Sharing the genesis of the new concept, *Dr Khooshi Gurubhai* explained, As Confucius righty said, *’Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it*,’ Gurubhai Thakkar to her support extended the interview stating *”Yes given proper guidance and supports teens today can do wonders”* We are here to uncover the magnificence hidden within the Youth of India, with a talent pageant that’s like none other you have ever seen. *”Perfect Miss & Mr Teens India 2018”* is in a league of its own because its exploration of beauty is not just skin deep but at a holistic level. Our quest is to discover talented and inspiring role models who can motivate and be emulated by the 21st century millennial generation. Get set to meet the nation’s new Youth Icons, *”Perfect Miss & Mr Teens India 2018”*  very soon!”

Key takeaways shared during the interaction

Gift of Knowledge to Talented Individuals – Scholarships for Winners and Contestants.

Final Contestants will be groomed for careers in the Fashion and Entertainment Industry.

Debut of a Niche Platform where Teens will be mentored to represent India at International forums.

Compliments DR GEET.

Star Book Media and Indywood Talent Hunt Join Hands To Promote Young Talents

Hyderabad (24-05-2018): With an aim to provide more opportunities for youngsters to showcase their talents, Bangalore-based Star Book Media Pvt. Ltd, one of the leading casting, media and infotainment companies in the country, has joined hands with Hyderabad-headquartered Indywood Talent Hunt (ITH), a premier national-level platform to discover creative talents in various artistic and cultural domains.

ITH will be held as a part of the Indywood Film Carnival, the flagship event of the 10 billion US dollar Project Indywood.

As part of the agreement, Star Book will promote two national-level competitions of Indywood Talent Hunt 2018 (ITH 2018) – Still Photography and Short Film Making as Operations Partner.

Announcing this officially, Golla Krishna, CEO of Star Book Media Pvt. Ltd., said “We will be handling the Operations, Jury Management and Online Promotions for two events under ITH 2018.”

Indywood Founder Director Sohan Roy said “It is our privilege to associate with a prominent organization and we definitely believe that maximum youngsters will be benefitted. Indywood Talent Hunt has now become a stepping stone for young talents in the country to enter into films and other avenues of entertainment. Over twenty competitions will be conducted as part of Indywood Talent Hunt 2018, including the fashion pageant Mr and Miss Indywood.”

The winners will be rewarded with a cash award of Rs. 1 lakh each besides an opportunity to enter the film industry. The competitions are managed by Indywood Talent Club, a network of student clubs from across the country, to promote arts and culture through events.

The fourth edition of Indywood Film Carnival will be held at Hyderabad from December 1st to 5th 2018. The event shall comprise of the All Lights India International Film Festival (ALIIFF), Indywood Film Market, Investors Meet, Excellence Awards and an array of entertainment programmes.

Several celebrities, social influencers and delegates from the film, advertising and media industries will attend the ITH 2018.

For more details, visit:






Pagalpanti Is More Of Patriotism Than A Family Romcom Movie

Pagalpanti isa upcoming Gujarati movie and the script is a mixture of everything which includes action, romance,comedy,suspense,thriller and the main thing is Patriotism.

We have seen more Bollywood and Marathi movies which support patriotism and make India proud

But this time it is the Gujarati Cinema which has made Indian proud by making a patriotic movie including some drama. It is one of the cinematic experience for Gujarat cinema.

It is a movie based on patriotism where a tourist group from all parts of India gone on holiday to Fiji Island encountering various situations and their holiday turns into a patriotic mission. It is a movie where they carry on a mission to make India proud where they succeed over international wanted criminal Kazaamwith the help of inspector (Mukul dev)  andChota don (Ali Asagar)

Where at the first glance the movie seems to be more about romance and comedy but in depth it is based on patriotism.

It is a proud moment for India where patriotism is promoted and  the movie is releasing in more 7 countries that is   CANADA, USA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, FIJI, UK,EAST AFRICA AND DUBAI.

Krina Hindi Film Releasing On 8th June 2018

अब “क्रिना” 8 जून को सिनेमाघरों में।

पार्थ फिल्म्स इंटरनेशनल प्रस्तुत, हिन्दी थ्रिलर1 एक्शन  फिल्म “क्रिना” अब आप के नजदीकी सिनेमाघरों में  8 जून से दिखाई देगी । ये फ़िल्म लवलीन फिल्मस(धनंजय ग्लानि) द्वारा प्रदर्शित की जा रही है, हाईटेक तकनीक से बनी  फिल्म दर्शकों पर अपना खूब  रंग जमायेगी,ये फ़िल्म बच्चों को भी खूब पसंद आएगी। नवोदित कलाकार पार्थ सिंह चौहान क्रिना के रूप में अच्छे लग रहे है दर्शक उन्हें खूब पसंद करेंगे।फ़िल्म के निर्माता हरविन्द सिंह चौहान और निर्देशक  श्यामल के.मिश्रा द्वारा कड़ी मेहनत से बनाई गई फ़िल्म दर्शकों पर अपना खूब रंग जमायेगी ।

दिलीप सेन काफी दिनो बाद अपने मधुरसंगीत द्वारा दर्शकों को मनमोहित करेंगे। गरीब वर्ग  के कुछ अनकही एक फिल्मी  कहानी  है  जो आप को भरपुर मनोरंजन देगी ।ये  दो कबीलों के सरदारों के  बीच की आपसी रंंजिश की कहानी हैै ,जो सत्य और असत्य पर आधारित है। नवोदित पार्थ सिंह चौहान की नायिका तुनिषा शर्मा हैं। साथ में अन्य प्रमुख कलाकार हैं — इंदर कुमार, दीप शिखा, शाहबाज खान, सुदेश बेरी, सुधा चंद्रन और बहुत कलाकार भी काम किये है, आदि। प्रचार -प्रसार पब्लिश मीडिया टीम कर रही है।

—–Akhlesh Singh (PRO)

Actor Chandrachur Singh turned singer for Yadvi – The Dignified Princess set to Release in CA & New York

Bollywood in Current times has numerous actors. The one thing is common in the film industry is chocolate heroes or lover boys. However, among all, there was one star who has not only considered chocolate hero, but also made a mark with as serious Roles. Yes, we are talking about none other than 90’s favourite chocolate hero, Chandrachur Singh. ChandrachurSingh has worked in many memorable films like Maachis, Tere Mere Sapne, Josh and so on. The 1996 Filmfare Award winner for Best Debut for  Maachis, Now made his singing debut with song, “Rangreeza” in the film Yadvi-The dignified Princess, accompanying him is the Pawani Panday, “Laila Main Laila” song fame.

He is playing a character of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala.  One of the Wealthiest and famous Maharaja of India, who was first to own an airplane in India, that also Write Brothers Model and donated Ranji Trophy for cricketers, which is still given to Cricketers till today. The Maharaja Is known for many contributions in history of India. Music Composed by Anuj Garg and panned by Nasir Faraz.


The film now is set to  release in Manhattan, New York and Beverly Hills, California. The film directed by New York Based Actress, Jyoti Singh with a script based on a real life story/Screenplay by Gauri Singh, her sister.  The film will screen at the Music Hall Theater, Beverly Hills, CA May 25 to May 31 (5 times a day for 7 days) and at the Cinema Village, Manhattan, NY, June 1 to June 7 (4 times/day for 7 days).

Chandrachur is very talented since childhood. Chandrachur is a trained classical singer and his passion is singing. Notably,before being casted for “Tere Mere Sapne” Amitabh Production,  he was teaching Music in Doon school, Dehra Dun.

Yadvi-The dignified Princess also stars Vibhu Raqhav, Rahul Godara,  Nikkitasha Marwaha, Reshaa Sabharwal, Namya Saxena, Ketki Puri, Minnie Pandit, Kuvam Handa, Yadvi Handa, Aishwarya Singh, Bernadine Linus, Mariane Borgo (French actress), Dina Rosenmeir (Actress from Denmark), & Minnie Pandit. Cinematography by: Jigme Tensing and Edited: Vick Krishna.  The film is produced under the banner of RVP Productions, executive producer, Sumeet Verma.

————Pigeon Media- (Abhishek Dubey PRO)

Deepti Naval inaugurates Vimala Nandakumar’s Art Exhibition The Girl -Sarva-shakti-Mayi

Mumbai experienced the most prestigious and iconic art event where well known social worker cum artist Vimala Nandakumar (Founder- Chairperson of Shaktii Girl’s Education Trust) showcased her new collection of Paintings titled “The Girl -Sarva-shakti-Mayi”. The Exhibition was inaugurated by the Bollywood famous personality Deepti Naval, Aarti Savur (CEO Parishar Asha) and Ujjwala Haware (Chairperson of Haware Engineers & Builders Pvt Ltd) at Cymroza Art gallery Mumbai on Thursday 24 May. While praising the work of Vimala Nandakumar, Deepti Naval said, “It’s a pleasure to be present here and take a glimpse of Vimala ji’s paintings. Each painting is a subconsciously motivated image provoking a feeling, an emotion and a thought at the same time.”

Shaktii  is an  After – School Programme for underprivileged girl students at Kharghar , Navi Mumbai. Since its inception in 2015, Shaktii has helped many girls. The exhibition is an effort to raise  funds for the Trust. The proceeds from the sale of paintings will be donated to Shaktii Girl’s Education Trust.


The exhibition includes the paintings, all by Ms Vimala Nandakumar (acrylic, oil, water colour, charcoal, soft pastel colour and Tanjore paintings). The theme of the exhibition is “The Girl” described as Sarva-Shaki-Mayi, in her many moods and aspects. In addition, a few paintings outside the above theme are also on display.

Shaktii programme endeavours to educate, empower and edify girls. The programme is free. The school fees paid by the students are reimbursed at the end of the term. Students are taken on field trips. It is a child-centric programme with emphasis on learning Mathematics, English and Science along with music, art, craft and dance. Specialists are invited to teach life skills to the girls.

By buying a painting at this exhibition you are helping an underprivileged girl student achieve her dream.

————Pigeon Media- (Abhishek Dubey PRO)

Being Tusshar Dhaliwal “Mrs India Universe 2018” Season 2, Grand Media Launch Celebration

It was a great evening of 21st May 2018, when a great function was held at ‘Bora Bora’ in Andheri, for Media Launch celebration “Mrs India Universe 2018, Season 2”. The event was organised by ‘Being Tushar Dhaliwal’ and ‘Archana Tomar’. The celebration was attended by lots of media person and Bollywood celebrities like Super Model Alesia Raut, actress Bhumika Gurung, actor Siddhaanth Suryavanshi, singer Yash Wadali, actor Dev Sharma, actor Vijay Bhatia, actor Kunal, actress Smriti Khanna, DJ Sherwood and producer Rakesh Sabharwal, of course hosts founder Tushaar Dhaliwal, president Archana Tomar and chairman Manish Luthra were there to welcome all guest’s.

Four contestants were crowned on the occasion as they are representing India in “Mrs Universe 2018” in Philippines. They are Surbhi Wali ‘Mrs Universe Middle Asia, Kiran Sukhani ‘Mrs Universe South East Asia 2018’, Shruti ‘Mrs Universe Pacific Island 2018’, and Naavanidhi Wadhwa ‘Mrs Asia Woman of Universe 2018’.

Tusshar Dhaliwal, founder, is Managing director of viscera events and models management. Archana Tomar, is president, she is Mrs Universe Generous, Mrs Universe North Central Asia, also director of Archana Tomar Creation and M.D of Tomar group. Manish Luthra a well-known business man and CMD at Goldenglory Motions Pictures Pvt Ltd.


बीइंग तुषार धालीवाल की “मिसेज इंडिया यूनीवर्स २०१८” सीजन २ का ग्रैंड मीडिया लॉन्च।

दिनांक २१ मई २०१८ की शानदार शाम, अंधेरी स्तिथ ‘बोरा बोरा’ में “मिसेज इंडिया यूनीवर्स २०१८” सीजन २ के भव्य मीडिया लॉन्च हुआ। इसका आयोजन ‘बीइंग तुषार धालीवाल और अर्चना तोमर ने मनीष लूथरा के संग किया था। इस अवसर पर तमाम मीडिया के अलावा बॉलीवुड की लोकप्रय हस्तियां मौजूद थी। सुपर मॉडल अलेसिया राउत, एक्ट्रेस भूमिका गुरुंग, एक्टर सिद्धान्त सूर्यवंशी, गायक यश वडाली, एक्टर देव शर्मा, एक्टर विजय भाटिया, एक्टर कुणाल, एक्ट्रेस स्मृति खन्ना, डी जे शेरवुड के अलावा निर्माता राकेश सभरवाल और मेजबान फाउंडर तुषार धालीवाल, प्रेसिडेंट अर्चना तोमर एवम चेयरमैन मनीष लूथरा मौजूद थे।

चार प्रतियोगियों को क्राउन पहनाया गया जो इंडिया का प्रतिनिधित्व “मिसेज यूनीवर्स २०१८” के लिए फिलीपींस जा रही हैं, वे हैं, सुरभी वाली ‘मिसेज़ यूनीवर्स मिडिल एशिया’, किरण सुखानी ‘मिसेज यूनीवर्स साउथ ईस्ट एशिया २०१८’, श्रुति ‘मिसेज़ यूनीवर्स पैसिफिक आइलैंड २०१८’ एवं नवनिधि वाधवा ‘मिसेज एशिया वीमेन ऑफ यूनीवर्स २०१८’।

तुषार धालीवाल जो कि फाउंडर हैं, ‘विसकेरा इवेंट्स एंड मॉडल मैनेजमेंट’ के मैनेजिंग डायरेक्टर हैं, प्रेसिडेंट अर्चना तोमर स्वयं मिसेज यूनीवर्स जेनेरोस और मिसेज़ यूनीवर्स नार्थ सेंट्रल एशिया रह चुकी हैं और अर्चना तोमर क्रिएशन की डायरेक्टर हैं, व तोमर ग्रुप की एम डी हैं, मनीष लूथरा एक मशहूर बिज़नेस मैन और गोल्डेनगलोरी मोशन पिक्चर्स प्राइवेट लिमिटेड के सी एम डी हैं।

5th Annual Function Celebrated Of Sycoriaan Matrimonials Services Ltd

सायकोरिअन मैंट्रिमोनियल  का 5वां वार्षिक महोत्सव धूम धाम से सम्पन्न

जुहू स्थित सायकोरिअन मैंट्रिमोनियल सर्विस का 5वां वार्षिक महोत्सव बहुत ही धूम धाम से सम्पन्न हुआ, इस अवसर पर तमाम उद्द्योग जगत की हस्तियां मैजूद रही, वही सायकोरिअन मैंट्रिमोनियल सर्विस देश का एक मात्र कंपनी है जिसपर लोग आँख बंद करके भरोसा करते है, क्योकि इसकी बुनियाद सच के आधार पर रखी गयी है, यही कारन है की कंपनी का कांसेप्ट लोगो काफी पसंद आ रहा है,

आपको बता दे की  हिंदू धर्म में विवाह को सोलह संस्कारों में से एक संस्कार माना गया है।  पाणिग्रहण संस्कार को सामान्य रूप से हिंदू विवाह के नाम से जाना जाता है।

अन्य धर्मों में विवाह पति और पत्नी के बीच एक प्रकार का करार होता है जिसे कि विशेष परिस्थितियों में तोड़ा भी जा सकता है

परंतु हिंदू विवाह पति और पत्नी के बीच जन्म-जन्मांतरों का सम्बंध होता है, सात फेरे ले कर और ध्रुव तारा को साक्षी मान कर, तन, मन धन से एक दूसरे के पूरक हो जाते है  तथा दो आत्मा एक पवित्र बंधन में बंध जाते हैं।

छायाकार : रमाकांत मुंडे

Actor Raju Singh Mahi with Monika Rai and Foreigners Completed A Song For Coming Film

विदेशी बालाओं के साथ देसी बॉय माही का ठुमका

भोजपुरिया सुल्तान के नाम से मशहूर अभिनेता राजू सिंह माही ने अपनी फ़िल्मी प्रेमिका मोनिका राय के साथ एक पब में फ़िरंगी बालाओं के साथ जम कर ठुमका लगाया, मौक़ा था उनकी फ़िल्म चैम्पियन के एक गाने की शूटिंग का ।  “हम है उत्तर प्रदेश के लाला” हर अंदाज ह हमार निराला” नाम के इस गाने पर कोरियोग्राफर संजय कोर्वे ने   माही को उनकी  प्रेमिका मोनिका के साथ  ठेठ देसी अन्दाज़ में ठुमका लगवाया ,  वही फ़िरंगी बालाओं ने अपनी मौजूदगी से इस गाने में चार चाँद लगा दिया । उल्लेखनीय है कि कई फ़िल्मों में अपनी खलनायकी से लोगों के दिलो में जगह बना चुके राजू सिंह माही ने शत्रुघन सिन्हा और विनोद खन्ना के नक़्शे क़दम पर चलते हुए चैम्पियन में खलनायक से नायक की तरफ़ छलाँग लगाया है। इंडिया ई कामर्स और जीविका फ़िल्मस के बैनर तले बन रही चैम्पीयन के निर्माता हैं अनिल काबरा और मधुवेंद्र राय जबकि फ़िल्म के निर्देशक हैं धीरज ठाकुर ।  

राजू सिंह माही ने बताया कि दृश्य के अनुसार वे मोनिका के साथ मुम्बई के एक पब में जाते हैं जहां डांस फ्लोर पर वे फिरंगी बालाओं के साथ धमाल करते हैं । आपको बता दें कि चैंपियन में भोजपुरी जगत की हॉट जोड़ी मेगा स्टार रवि किशन और हॉट केक अंजना सिंह , भोजपुरिया सुल्तान के नाम से मशहूर वर्सटाइल एक्टर राजू सिंह माही और ग़दर 2 से अपने फिल्मी कैरियर की शुरुआत करने वाले किशन राय मुख्य भूमिका में हैं । राजू सिंह माही के अपोजिट हैं मोनिका रॉय जबकि किशन राय के अपोजिट हैं आयुषी तिवारी । इन सबके बीच आयटम क्वीन सीमा सिंह का अनोखा अंदाज भी चैंपियन में देखने को मिलेगा  फ़िल्म के अन्य प्रमुख कलाकारों में अनिल यादव , राजकपूर शाही , गोपाल राय , वंदिनी मिश्रा , संतोष श्रीवास्तव , रत्नेश बरनवाल , जे पी सिंह , दीपक सिन्हा , पुष्पा शुक्ला , हिमांशु , चंदन सिंह , रोहन सिंह , जय तिलक आदि है । फ़िल्म के लेखक है वीरू ठाकुर , संगीतकार है मधुकर आनंद , एस कुमार और अनुज तिवारी । फ़िल्म के सिनेमेटोग्राफर हैं इमरान अंसारी , एक्शन डायरेक्टर हैं हीरा यादव जबकि प्रचारक हैं उदय भगत ।

Hindi Film 10 Nahi 40 Teaser Launched The film Is Full of Comedy – Emotional & Action

फिल्म ” 10 नहीं 40 ” कॉमेडी के साथ रोमांस और एक्शन

हिंदी फिल्मों की कहानी अब तेजी से बदल रही है  रोमांस और एक्शन की चाशनी में दर्शको को लुभानेवाली फ़िल्मो के साथ ही सामाजिक विषयों बनी फ़िल्मो को भी दर्शक बहुत पसंद कर रहे है। कुछ इसी तरह रिवरब्रेशन फ़िल्म्स की नयी फिल्म में 10 नहीं 40  हमारे आस पास सीनियर सिटिजंस की जिंदगी कैसे बेहतर और खुशहाल बनाने के खूबसूरत पहलु को दिखाती कॉमेडी और इमोशनल फ़िल्म है ।

मुंबई में फिल्म  10 नहीं  40 का टीज़र एवं पोस्टर लांच किया गया।  इस अवसर पर निर्देशक  एवं अभिनेता ड़ॉ जे एस रंधावा , वरिष्ठ हास्य अभिनेता मनमौजी , बीरबल , रमेश गोयल , श्याम मशलकर उपस्थित थे।  फिल्म 10 नहीं  40  आज के समाज में अपने वरिष्ठ और बुजुर्ग सदस्यों को समझने के साथ ही उनका विशेष घ्यान रखने की तरफ आकृष्ट करती है।

फ़िल्म की कहानी शहर के एक पॉश रेजीडेंटल सोसाइटी से शुरू होती है जहाँ फ़िल्म का मुख्य किरदार सुमित अपने आस पास रहनेवाले बुजुर्गो से बहुत चिढ़ता  रहता है और कई बार उनसे बहस में उलझ भी जाता है तो दूसरी तरफ सुमित की साली आशी है जो अपने सभी वरिष्ठ सदस्यों को प्यार करती है और कॉलोनी के वरिष्ठ सदस्यों का ध्यान रखती है वह हमेशा सीनियर सिटिजंस के कल्याण के लिए तैयार रहती है । कहानी तब दिलचस्प हो जाती है जब आशी तय करती हैकि वह सुमित के व्यवहार को बदल देंगी। सुमित के व्यवहार को बदलने के साथ ही दोनों मिलकर सोसायटी के वरिष्ठ सदस्यों के लिए एक डे सेंटर भी शुरू करने का फैसला लेते है।फ़िल्म में कई कॉमेडी दृश्य के साथ भावनात्मक सवांद भी है.

फ़िल्म में सिनेमा के वरिष्ठ अभिनेता  बीरबल, मनमौजी,  रमेश गोयल, के साथ ही इन दिनों लोकप्रिय मनोज बक्शी  पहली बार एक साथ नजर आयँगे।  साथ ही ड़ॉ जे एस रंधावा, आशी सिंह, सोनल मुग्दल, रंजन सिंह,  ड़ॉ राखी आनंद अग्रवाल,  महेश गहलोत, राजेंद्र भाटिया, और मृदुल गुप्ता महत्वूर्ण किरदारों में नजर आयेंगे।

फ़िल्म में लोकप्रिय गायक अल्ताफ़ राजा एक लम्बे समय के अंतराल के बाद किसी फ़िल्म में अपने गाये गाने में नजर आएंगे।

इस अवसर पर अभिनेता और निर्देशक ड़ॉ जे एस रंधावा ने कहाकि फ़िल्म 10 नहीं  40 एक महत्पूर्ण सन्देश देती हैकि हमें अपने बड़े बुज़ुर्गो का ध्यान रखना चाहिए फिल्म का शीर्षक इसी तरह का हैकि  अपने सिर्फ जिंदगी के बचे हुवे वर्षो की गिनती मत कीजिये आप जिंदगी को कई सालों से आंनद से जी रहे है। आजकल की व्यस्त दिनचर्या में अधिकतम समय अपनी जरूरतों को पूरा करने में ही लगा देते है  और अपने सुख और आनंद के लिए समय ही नहीं बचता इसलिए अगर जिंदगी के अगले बचे हुवे १० सालों को ख़ुशियों और आनंद के साथ बिताया जाय तो वह 10 नहीं 40 की तरह ही लगेंगे। ”

रिवरब्रेशन फ़िल्म्स  तले निर्मित   10 नहीं 40 की शूटिंग संपन्न हो गयी है और फिल्म का  पोस्ट प्रोडक्शन शुरू हो गया है। फिल्म के निर्माता जल्द ही फ़िल्म की रिजील डेट की घोषणा करेंगे।

छायाकार : रमाकांत मुंडे

Aickkarakonathe Bhishaguaranmaar Movie Starts Rolling

  •  ‘Aickkarakonathe Bhishaguaranmaar’, world’s second CSR movie, is being produced by UAE-based Aries Group
  • Prominent actors from the industry apart from twenty talents discovered through national-level auditions conducted by Indywood Talent Hunt are acting in the movie titled ‘Aickkarakonathe Bhishaguaranmaar’
  • The pooja of the movie was held on Saturday at Poongodu Mahadeva Temple in Aickkarakonam, Punalur
  • The film will be shot at Varkala, Punalur, Ottapalam and will be completed in one schedule

Kollam: (22-05-2018): The shooting of ‘Aickkarakonathe Bhishaguaranmaar’, produced by UAE-based Aries Group utilizing its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) fund has started. Leading NRI industrialist turned Hollywood director Sohan Roy spearheads Aries Group.

The pooja of the movie was held on Saturday at Poongodu Mahadeva Temple in Aickkarakonam, Punalur. It is for the first time in the country’s history that a corporate is investing its CSR funds in movie production, besides utilizing the money in sectors such as education, healthcare, sanitation, poverty alleviation and calamity relief.

Aries Group, one of the largest multinational conglomerates in the Middle East operates 47 companies in 15 countries from across the globe. The diversified group has presence in oil and gas, marine, media, medical, entertainment and tourism sectors.

Actress Priyanka Nair, film director Boban Samuel and a host of prominent personalities from various walks of life attended the function.


‘Aickkarakonathe Bhishaguaranmaar’ has marked the launch of Project Indywood’s ambitious plan to produce thousand regional movies in India in the next five years. Besides prominent actors from the industry, twenty talents discovered through the national-level auditions conducted by Indywood Talent Hunt will play important roles in the movie. Biju Majeed is directing the movie.

The movie is being co-produced by Abhini Sohan and Prabhiraj Nadarajan under the banner of Aries Telecasting Private Limited. The script is written by K. Shibu Raj. PC Lal wields the camera while Biju Ram is composing the music. The editing work is done by Johnson Iringole. Anil Ankamaly is the production controller.

The film will be shot at Varkala, Punalur, Ottapalam and will be completed in one schedule.

Aries Group had earlier bankrolled the world’s first charity movie by a corporate titled ‘Jalam’. The movie starring Priyanka Nair in the lead was directed by M. Padmakumar and won numerous national and international accolades. The movie also got listed in Oscar shortlist under Best Picture, Original Score and Original Song (four songs) categories.

Did You Know Pooja Misra Sings Her Own Jingles ?

Debut single titled ‘ Hotter than you soon’.
Not many know that producer and actress Pooja is also a singer.She recently revealed at a press conference in mumbai,that she has been singing for the jingles of her webseries,tv shows,and will e debuting with a full fledged dance track as a singer called ,hotter than you.Pooja told the media that when she was making her Lovesutra,a sexy and humorous webseries that airs on hungama play app,she managed to conceptualise,create and put together the jingle for the show within a span of 15 minutes,which she penned down herself.


You can hear the jingle below

However her second jingle for her lifestyle magazine format tv show,Abhi To Party Shuru Hui Hai, which aired on e24 bollywood news channel,she almost took 6 months to daily finetune her vocal chords to sing the 1 minute long jingle.The jingle was instantaneously popular which she and Kunwar co wrote while the music was arranged by viplove and dj shezwood, u can hear it by clicking the following video

Pooja then went on to launch her forthcoming reaity show,Spare Me The Crab Mentality,which was the most positive anthem one could have the pleasure to hear.The jingle is written by Pooja Misra partenered by Rahul Tripathi.
The lyrics,
Tu aage badhega ek kadam ,Tujhe sab tujhe peeche kheechenge dus kadam,
Par tum himmat mat harna jab tak hai Dum main Dum
Tujhe manjilain milengi ,Tera hoga bada naam,
Spareme the crab mentality jab gayega Hindustan,
Hum zinda nahin just to spectate,
So wake up and participate,
Ye show dikhayega Reality,
Khatm karega Crab Mentality,
Tujhe manjilain milengi ,Tera hoga bada naam,
Spareme the crab mentality jab gayega Hindustan
She has touched our heart with this beautiful thought knitted into a catchy jingle!
We wish her all the best and hope and look forward to her debut smashing dance track as a singer called ,hotter than you in the coming days!
If the making of the video is anything to go by it promises to leave everyone electrified….
check out the making of hotter than you…..

Check out the digital adfilm of ,Spare Me The Crab Mentality here

Hetal Shukla Art Exhibition Titled – Eye Didn’t Note

Hetal shukla art exhibition titled “Eye Didn’t Note” inaugurated by Jaykumar Rawal (ministry of Tourism Govt of Maharashtra), Ram Shinde (Water Conservation and protocol) and Vijay Kalaantri (Voice Chairman, World Trade Centre Mumbai). The cognitive associations we attach to a currency note can sometimes be so powerful that we refuse to recognise it as anything else.

That’s the sort of mental shackle that artist Hetal Shukla wants to break with his latest exhibition, titled Eye Didn’t Note. For it, he asked 100 people, as an experiment, to recollect the images on a `100 note. But almost none of them could do so, because the only value they put to the piece of paper is monetary, not aesthetic, one. Shukla thus themed his exhibition around the subject, reimagining currency notes as more than just paper money. Pay a visit to Jehangir Art Gallery before May 21 to check them out.

——–Abhishek Dubey(PRO)

Parth Films International’s maiden film KRINA with social message, is releasing 8th Jun 2018

Film “KRINA” is a social family drama made under the banner of Parth Films International. Film will be releasing 8th Jun 2018 .

Produced by Harvind Singh Chauhan, it has been directed by Shyamal K Mishra, music by Dilip Sen, action by R P Yadav, edited by Chaitanya V Tanna and cinematography by Shiv Kumar Gauda.

Film introduces Parth Singh Chauhan in lead role along with Tunisha Sharma, late Inder Kumar, Deep Shikha, Shahbaz Khan, Sudesh Berry, Sudha Chandran and others.

—–Akhlesh Singh (PRO)

Ms.Yamini Shrishti Swami, Head- ASEAN, Content Management at SRAM & MRAM

SRAM & MRAM, a global conglomerate with footprints along information technology, digital media and entertainment, financial structuring, mining, aviation, embedded systems, RFID and a wide variety of business verticals today announced the launch of a close ended fund “JUPITER XII” for USD 120 Mn.

The purpose of the fund would be to create avenues in the high demand Video on demand, Content streaming, Hyper-targeted content and advertising verticals of the media and advertising industry. These are just a few of the developments that will transform the media and entertainment industry this year, according to Dr. Hiranandani, Chairman, SRAM & MRAM Resources Limited.

Dr.Hiranandani also reiterated that the biggest challenge for the media and entertainment industry in 2018 will be to figure out how to create tailored customer experiences when there is mass customization of experience across all content, advertising, and brands. Fortunately, customers will likely continue to generate more and more data about their preferences, relationships, habits, locations, etc. There’s a big market opportunity for companies to use this data to hyper-target their television, films, print and visual media content and advertising and optimize the customer experience based on the analytics provided by data mining companies.

According to Ms.Yamini Shrishti Swami, Head- ASEAN, Content Management at SRAM & MRAM, SRAM & MRAM will be focusing hugely on the development of content based on the analysed hyper-target audience.  The company will focus on films, television, webseries and a variety of softwares that will target specific audiences across targeted market space. Ms.Yamini Shrishti Swami would be heading the division that will handle content and software creation.   According to Director, Media Operations, SRAM & MRAM Ms.Renuka Pullat, Content discovery is another market opportunity for media and entertainment companies. Success may lie in developing an intimate understanding of the consumers’ media companies are trying to reach—including by tapping social media, which has become the number one way people learn about new TV shows.  From a technology perspective, key areas to watch this year include 4K video, Autonomous vehicles, 5G wireless etc.

Legendary Music Director Khayyam Saheb donated Rs. 1.5 lakh to FWICE for Cine Workers’ Welfare

MUMBAI:Film industry’s renowned association, Federation of  Western India Cine Employees (FWICE), helmed by its President B.N. Tiwari and General Secretary Ashok Dubey with their respective office bearers hosted a grand press-meet on Monday, 14th May 2018 in their office situated at Kartik Complex, Link Road, Andheri (West), Mumbai-400 053.On this occasion veteran and renowned music director  & The Padma Bhushan Award winner Khayyam Saheb who gave memorable music in the songs like “Tere chehre se nazar nahi hatati (from Kabhi Kabhi)”Mohabbat bade kaam ki cheez hai” and “Janeman tum kamal karti ho” and the light “Gapuchi Gapuchi gam gam”. “Hazarrahen” from Thodisi Bewafai and “Aaja re o mere dilbarAaja” from Noorie amongst others and his wife Jagjeet Kaur visited the association’s office to donate a cheque of Rs.1,50,000 to FWICE for the welfare of cine workers. This is third time in a row that they have been donating to the association through their KPJ Charitable Trust.

The event was attended Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota, Film Studios Setting & Allied Mazdoor Union’s (FSSAMU) General Secretary Gangeshwarlal Shrivastav a.k.aSanju, Cine & TV Artistes Association’s (CINTAA) General Secretary Sushant Singh and all the other important office bearers of the 22-allied unions attended and making the evening a grand affair.

Speaking on the occasion, B.N. Tiwari, President of FWICE said, “We are thankful to Khayyam Saheb who is thinking about the workers’ welfare associated with our film industry. Many more should come forward and donate for such issues. I am overwhelmed and pray to Almighty God Almighty that let us avail his blessings all the time. Even though he does not donate, his presence will encourage us in our initiatives.”

The 92-year-old Khayyam Sahab enunciates, “Film Industry has given me so much in wealth and fame. So in turn we thought of giving it back and that is why we have started donating Rs. 1.5 lakh rupees every year to FWICE to take care of the needy workers. I appeal that more people from our industry come forward and generously support our workers and technicians. If we are not around; our trust will be donating this amount every year. Our property and jewellery will be liquefied (converted into cash) and put in fixed deposit accounts. The interest accrued thereon will be made provisions for various donations. Every year Rs. 5 lakh will be donated to Prime Ministers’ fund. Some amount too will also be earmarked for Maharashtra Chief Ministers’ welfare fund. The trust will also help individual cine workers to the tune of Rs. 10,000 to 20,000 also.”

Gangeshwarlal Shrivastav a.k.a Sanju, General Secretary of FSSAMU and Ashok Dubey, General Secretary of FWICE added that we are trying to reinforce our federation and make it stronger and committed. “We have assured film and television producers that the workers and technicians are team members who cannot do without each other. We have to walk together and think from both the ends too.”

Khayyam Sahab & his wife Smt. Jagjeet Kaur, Anup Jalota,B.N. Tiwari, chairman of FWICE,General secretary Ashok Dubey,Kishan Sharma, Film Studios Setting & Allied Mazdoor Union’ (FSSAMU) s General Secretary Gangeshwarlal Shrivastav a.k.a. Sanju, Sharafuddin Mohammed, Rakesh Maurya, Sushant Singh – actor and General Secretary of Cine & TV Artistes Association (CINTAA) were present along with Federation’s Senior Vice President Feroz Khan (Raja Bhai), Vice President Sangam Upadhyay, Mazdoor Union’s Sharafuddin Mohammed, Rakesh Maurya and other office bearers of 22 unions like Ram Chaudhari, Chawla, Raj Surve, Pinky More, Feroz Bhai, Dharam Arora, Imran Merchant, Surendra Shrivastav, Kundan Goswami, Ashok Pandey, Himanshu Bhatt, Ashfaque Khopekar, Hanif Bhai, Munna Bhai, Suleka and many others.

————–Sanjay Sharma Raj(P.R.O.)

Actress Tanisha Singh joins Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation Awards

Tanisha Singh is now in advisory committee of Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation awards ,

Tanisha Singh would like thanks President Ashfaq Khopekar and Chandrashekhar Bansode joint secretary of the DadaSaheb  Phalke Film Foundation awards. 

Tanisha has also received many awards like ‘International Women’s Day Achievers Award’, ’20th Lions Gold Awards for Best Face of South ‘, ‘Arch of Excellence Golden Achiever Award’, ‘Aaj Ki Delhi Achievement Award’ from Youvraj Sharma, ’19th Blockbuster Sur Aradhana Award’ from Murli Manohar Joshi BJP, ‘Bharat Ratna Dr Ambedkar Award’.

—Akhlesh Singh (PRO)

Vikas Singh Birapan Birhday Celebration Videos Of Viral On Social Media

बिरप्पन को लगा  बधाइयों का तांता

भोजपुरी शो जगत में बड़ा नाम और शोहरत हासिल कर चुके अभिनेता, सी सी एल में भोजपुरी दबंग टीम के मैनेजर विकास सिंह बिरप्पन के लिए इस साल का जन्मदिन खास रहा । सोशल मीडिया पर वीडियो बनाकर उन्हें बधाई देने वालो में भोजपुरी सुपर स्टार खेसारी लाल यादव तो रहे ही उनके अलावा स्टेज की जान कही जाने वाली सपना चौधरी , सुपर अदाकारा अक्षरा सिंह , अनारा गुप्ता , बताशा चाचा मनोज टाईगर सहित कई नामचीन लोगो ने बधाई दी । इसके अलावा सुबह से ही कई नामचीन लोगो ने विकास सिंह बिरप्पन को बधाई दी । यही नही बॉबी देओल , सुनील शेट्टी , सोहेल खान , राखी सावंत ,  रवि किशन , निरहुआ , अरविंद अकेला कल्लू जैसे बड़े सितारों ने भी उन्हें मैसेज कर के बधाई दी है ।

इधर , विकास सिंह बिरप्पन ने अपने जन्मदिन का केक अपनी पत्नी व बच्चो के साथ काटा । इतनी भारी संख्या में नामचीन लोगो द्वारा मिले बधाई से अभिभूत  विकास सिंह बिरप्पन ने सबका आभार प्रकट किया है।  आपको बता दें कि बिरप्पन ने हाल में ही कोलकाता में एक भव्य भोजपुरी अवार्ड शो आयोजित कर काफी चर्चा बटोरी है ।

——-Uday Bhagat (PRO)

Awara Balam Releasing on 25th May 2018 In Bihar & Jharkhand

*25मई को बिहार और झारखण्ड में प्रदर्शित होगी फिल्म-‘आवारा बलम’।

वर्तमान समय में परंपरागत तौर तरीकों से थोडा अलग हट कर  कई फिल्म मेकर भोजपुरी फिल्म जगत में क्रियाशील हैं और तरह तरह के एक्सपेरिमेंट करते हुए  फिल्म मेकिंग कर रहे हैं।फिल्म ट्रेड की मंदी को झेलते हुए प्रयोगात्मक दौर से गुजर रही भोजपुरी फिल्म इंडस्ट्री में एक्टिव फिल्म मेकरों के बीच एक नाम तेजी से उभर कर सामने आया है वो नाम है निशिकांत झा का। फिल्म मेकर निशिकांत झा ने भोजपुरी फिल्म इंडस्ट्री के चर्चित निर्देशक चन्दन उपाध्याय के निर्देशन में कमर्शियल इमोशनल फैमिली ड्रामा के रूप में अपनी नवीनतम भोजपुरी फिल्म-‘आवारा बलम’ का निर्माण कार्य हाल ही में कम्प्लीट किया है।

फ़िल्म को सेंसरबोर्ड भी पास कर दिया है।25 मई को बिहार और झारखण्ड में भव्य तरीका से  प्रदशित की जाएगी।  उमीद है कि फ़िल्म  रिलीज होने के बाद यह फिल्म बॉक्स ऑफिस की खिड़की पे पुराने सारे रिकॉर्ड को ध्वस्त कर देगी। फिल्म ट्रेड पंडितों के हिसाब से यह फिल्म इस साल की सबसे बड़ी ब्लॉकबस्टर साबित होने जा रही है।

अरविन्द अकेला कल्लू,तनु श्री, प्रियंका पंडित,शकीला मज़ीद,अवधेश मिश्रा,समर्थ चतुर्वेदी,पप्पू यादव,हीरा यादव,धामा वर्मा इत्यादि।,

—Akhlesh Singh (PRO)

Nagpuri Film Mahua Releasing on 18 May 2018 In Your Nearest Cinema Houses

नागपुरी फिल्म-‘महुआ’ 18 मई  के आप के नजदिकी सिनेमा में।

शैल्ज़ा मूवीज़ के बैनर तले पूर्ण रूप से झारखण्ड की धरती पे बनी  नागपुरी फ़िल्म ‘महुआ’18 मई  को आप के नजदीकी सिनेमाघरों में दिखाई देगी। झारखण्ड सरकार के फिल्म पॉलीसी को आत्मसात कर निर्माता सत्यन् श्रीवास्तव एवं सह-निर्माता अविषेक आनंद द्वारा निर्मित इस फिल्म के निर्देशक  संजय वर्मा हैं। बतौर फिल्म निर्माता सत्यन श्रीवास्तव  यह फ़िल्म एक महिला प्रधान फ़िल्म  है जिसमे समाज की कुरीतियो और असामाजिक तत्वों से कैसे एक महिला लड़ती है और समाज को एक नया आयाम देती है यह  फ़िल्म में दर्शाया गया है जो आज के युवा दर्शको को प्रेरणा देगी और दर्शक इस फ़िल्म को बेहद पसंद करेंगे।

पूरी तरह से झारखण्ड के विभिन्न लोकेशनों पर फिल्माई गई इस संदेशपरक फिल्म के मुख्य कलाकार हैं- स्टेफी पटेल,प्रिंस सोंधी, अली खान, मनोज वर्मा शक्ति सिंह, पूनम सिंह, दिनेश देवा, काजल सिंह , राज सिन्हा, अजय घोष आदि, साथ ही साथ इस फिल्म में बॉलीवुड की आईटम क्वीन ग्लोरी  भी आइटम सॉंग में अपने नृत्य का जलवा बिखेरती नज़र आएगी।

इस फिल्म के लेख़क बलाल अंसारी और राजीव रंजन सिंह, कला निर्देशक श्याम जी संस्कार, और सिनेमेटोग्राफर सुमित सचदेवा हैं। इस फिल्म के लिए गीतकार विजय प्रभाकर और केशव केसरीया अमन द्वारा लिखे कुल 6 गानों को संगीतकार उपेन्द्र पाठक ने अपने मधुर धुनों से सजाया है। झारखण्ड के पर्यटन उद्योग को बढ़ावा देने और झारखण्ड की हसीन वादियों से सिनेदर्शकों को रूबरू कराने के उद्देश्य से इस फ़िल्म की पूरी शूटिंग रांची और निकटवर्ती खुबशूरत लोकेशनो पर की गयी है। राष्ट्रीय स्तर पर इस फिल्म के प्रचार प्रसार का भार पब्लिश मीडिया  की टीम को सौंपा गया है।

Ms. Mr. & Mrs. India Pacific 2018 Event Held At ITC Fortune Navi Mumbai

Ms. Mr. And  Mrs. India Pacific 2018 was  organised at  ITC Fortune Navi Mumbai  by Organizers  SS ASSOCIATES.

The show was organised by SHEKHAR  PANCHAL and  SMRUTI PANCHAL welknown Mrs. India Earth and  Mrs. Bharat Icon. This show was organised with intention of giving right platform to enter  film Industry and Fashion Industry for  new comers young  boys and girls and even married womens with intention of Empowering Womens.

The show was well appreciated and praised by public and critics in which Manish Giri Of New York (Mr. Category) Ms. Bhavini Demta Of Jaipur (Ms. Category) , Dr. Neha Mulye Patel  and Leena Sharma(Mrs. Category) were selected as India Pacific 2018.

The main cause of this Event was  WOMEN EMPOWERMENT started by Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modiji.


Shri Rahul Shevale the Member Of Parliament gave tremendous support and had been a great help For this Pageant and for promoting domestic women empowerment in the society.

Shri Manoj Shinde Member of Parliament and Sachin Naik Ex Member of Parliament were  the Jury Member for  this show.

Actor Ali Khan,  Faiz Ali Khan,  Saar Kashyap,  Raju Vashisht, Sudip Pande, Singer Rani Hazarika, Fashion Designer Sneha Gogoi made their presence felt made this show successful.

Shekhar PANCHAL and  SMRUTI PANCHAL  are coming with new Pageant on 2 Sept 2018  Known as  Ms. &  Mrs. Apsara Maharashtra 2018  to give encouragement to Womens of Our Society. This is a golden opportunity to take women from the kitchen to the corporate Identity and have their high Social Status in their main Motto.

Queen of Mashups: ‘SOS Nitelife’ all set for August 15 Grand Finale

# DJs from 9 countries to participate for Global Final
# The winner of the ‘Global Queen of Mashups Championships’ gets to sign a contract of Rs 1 Crore.
Queen of Mashups, an Exclusive Platform for female Disc Jockeys where they get an opportunity to perform and showcase their talent in front of the world, is all set for a grand culmination. The Grand Finale of this unique Global Female DJ Championship will be held on 15th August 2018 at JW Marriott, Sahar Mumbai. The international event will witness DJs from 9 countries coming  to participate for Global Final.
“SOS Nitelife”, a Specialised Event Management Company, will be exclusively managing the gala championship which will be judged by a panel of renowned DJs and musicians. SOS Nitelife is a company with an unmatched commitment to delivering the highest possible level of Services thus turning them into Huge Success.

“Queen of Mashups is a Launch Platform for Aspiring Artists & Women DJ Professionals who will get a chance to Showcase their Talent in front of the World,” said Chand Seth, founder and MD of SOS Nitelife. “SOS Nitelife” organisers believe in “Your VISION Our MISSION”, to achieve and create a bond with their clients which is truly based on Trust and utmost Satisfaction, nobody does it better as our creation has emerged from our client’s enormous trust.
The company aims at competing with itself for that helps them scale their performance, to give our clients a Quality driven experience. The urge to deliver more than the client’s expectations has always been a Top Priority for SOS Nitelife.
The top finalists for ‘Queen of Mashups’ were selected during a star-studded event at Mumbai’s Taj Lands End, last year, where select few female DJs from India participated in the championships and entertained the audiences. DJs enthralled the audiences with their compositions in the championships and the finalists were selected. The winner of the ‘Global Queen of Mashups Championships’ gets to sign a contract of Rs 1 Crore.
The information for the event is available on –

Ravi Kishen – Love Guru

लव गुरु रवि किशन

भोजपुरी फिल्मो के मेगा स्टार संभवतः इकलौते ऐसे अभिनेता हैं जो ना सिर्फ सर्वाधिक भाषाओं की फिल्मो में निरंतर काम कर रहे हैं बल्कि मनोरंजन के हर क्षेत्र में अपनी दमदार मौजूदगी दर्ज करा रहे हैं । फिल्मो के अलावा छोटे पर्दे , विज्ञापन फ़िल्म में तो लोगो ने उन्हें देखा ही है और देश की सबसे महंगी वेबसिरिज अल्ट बालाजी की द फैमिली में वे काम कर ही रहे हैं पर वो अब रेडियो के वेबसिरिज से भी जुड़ चुके हैं।  जी हां रेडियो सिटी ने अपना एक वेबसिरिज शुरू किया है जिसमे लव गुरु होंगे रवि किशन ।

अर्थात वे श्रोताओं को प्रेम संबंधी समस्याओं का भी समाधान करेंगे । रवि किशन ने बताया कि लव गुरु भोजपुरी नाम का यह कार्यक्रम अपने आप मे एक अनूठा शो होगा जिसमें अभिनय और हाव भाव नही बल्कि शब्दो से श्रोताओं का दिल जितना होगा । आपको बता दें कि रवि किशन इन दिनों एकता कपूर की डिजिटल कंपनी अल्ट बालाजी के एक महंगे वेबसिरिज द फैमिली की शूटिंग में व्यस्त हैं जिसमे उनके साथ विवेक ओबराय सहित कई नामचीन कलाकार भी होंगे ।

——-Uday Bhagat (PRO)

Mati Ke Lal Super Star A New Show Bhojpuri’s First Movie Channel Oscar Movies

ऑस्कर मूवीज भोजपुरी पर माटी के लाल सुपर स्टार

भोजपुरी का पहला मूवी चैनल ऑस्कर मूवीज भोजपुरी  ने भोजपुरिया सितारों की अनकही कहानी को जन जन तक पहुचाने के लिए माटी के लाल सुपर स्टार नाम का एक अनोखा शो बनाया है । शो के पहले एपिसोड में प्रकाश जैस की कहानी को दर्शाया गया है जिसका टेलीकास्ट शुक्रवार  और रिपीट टेलीकास्ट शनिवार को शाम 6 बजे होगा । चैनल द्वारा जारी पहले एपिसोड के प्रोमो को ऑस्कर टीवी के प्रचारक उदय भगत ने सोशल मीडिया पर अपलोड किया है ।

जिसमे एंकर स्मिता सिंह राजपूत के सवालों का जवाब देते नजर आ रहे हैं । ऑस्कर मूवीज भोजपुरी के आनंद सिंह ने बताया कि इस शो में भोजपुरी के सभी सितारों की अनकही कहानी दिखाई जाएगी । आगले शुक्रवार को प्रसारित होने वाले शो में सुपर स्टार खेसारी लाल के संघर्ष की कहानी होगी । आपको बता दें कि ऑस्कर मूवीज  कोलकाता में हुए स्क्रीन एंड स्टेज भोजपुरी सिने अवार्ड का प्रसारण 16 जुन को शाम 7 बजे से करने वाली है । बहरहाल , फिल्मो के साथ साथ अब दर्शक अपने चहेते सितारों से भी ऑस्कर मूवीज भोजपुरी पर रूबरू हो सकेंगे ।

——-Uday Bhagat (PRO)

Beauty Icon, Naavnidhi K Wadhwa at event of – Moms Of India – as Jury Member

Sunday 13th May was ‘Mother’s Day’, and in a Community Event organised by ‘Moms Of India’ founded by Erum Saeed, in Wockhard Hospital, Mira Road, Naavanidhi was present as Jury Member. On the occasion Mom’s between 40 to 60, walked the ramp with there kids, also special tribute was given to Late Shree Devi.

Naavnidhi K Wadhwa is Mrs Bharat Icon, 2nd Runner’s Up, Mrs Personality, Brand Ambassador of Peace, meditation, healing and Wellness. She is also been Awarded as the Women Achiever Award in 2017.  She is also a fashion designer from NIFT DELHI.

Naavnidhi had the honour of being the Face of the Literary Festival in Jaipur and have been Jury member and Show stopper at the Iconic Awards in 2017.


She is a certified coach of psychology of eating from US and a diet planner, also an NLP Practitioner, she conducts meditation session aa a trained Graphologist, a Numerologist, Graphologist ,Vaastu consultant and Spiritual healer.

She is being awarded by Radio City for coach of psychology of eating. she recently was awarded as leading lady entrepreneur in Delhi and was invited as guest of honor at many events and awarded many times for her services and contribution to the society

However besides being the Diet Planner, her most cherished identity is that of Founder of ‘PAANKH’ an NGO for the kids who are born with special needs. She choose to call them rainbow kids and they are indeed special to her.


140 juniors drenched themselves in the lasting exuberance of lifetime learning and fashionable confidence

One of its kind edutainment platform, Junior’s Fashion Week showcased the Spring ’18 collection of international brands like USPA Kids, The Children’s Place, Flying Machine Boyzone, Marks & Spencer. It brought in high fashion to life in their Runway showcase on May 13 at The Westin, Goregaon.

The Spring 2018 collection of U. S. Polo Assn. was an assortment of striper and overdyed polo tees, graphic round neck tees, and trendy washed denim, Henley tees in playful colors, lively garment dyed cargo shorts and knit dresses with the brand’s signature stars and stripes print.

Mr. Alok Dubey, CEO, Lifestyle Brands at Arvind Lifestyle Brands Ltd., says on the occasion, “We are pleased to partner with Junior’s Fashion Week for the 3rd year in a row. It is a wonderful platform for us to showcase our Spring Summer collection for 2018, that is a perfect blend of the classic American style that USPA stands for and the preferences and needs of the Indian audience. We realize over the years that kids have very specific tastes and hence, we went a step ahead to translate their love for colors and prints in our new collection.”

“This year at the JFW runway, we will showcase a collection that has playful and fun designs alongside quality, variety, comfort, and convenience. We have received immense appreciation from the audience in the past through this platform and we are thrilled to work with them again and introduce our SS18 collection to the Indian parents and kids,” Mr. Alok added.


Apropos to the gaiety that comes with the anticipation of sunny days ahead, the Flying Machine spewed a generous sprinkling of beachy prints and vibrant colours. Whether it’s for beach parties or school vacations, the brand’s collection will ease the fashion game for the young kids.

Marks & Spencer Boys’ wear Spring collection was inspired by the still strong athleisure trend popular among young adults-vibrant clean colors, technical fabrics, underpinned by a sports aesthetic. Girls’ wear saw romantic bohemian influences with seasonal trend details such as ruffles, smocking, floral prints in a palette of cornflower & pale jade shades, together with palest Melba and bright pink highlights.

Mr. Pankaj Kapoor; Head of Marketing – Reliance India, says, “Marks & Spencer is proud to be associated with the Juniors Fashion Week in India. It is a great platform for us to showcase our quality, innovative kidswear collections. As well as being fun and stylish, we pay extra attention to comfort, safety, and convenience to ensure we offer clothing that parents are happy to buy, and kids love to wear.”

With the motto “Think like a mom, see like a kid and find the fun in everything”, the Spring ’18 collection of The Children’s Place encompasses styles which parents want to dress their children in for special occasions or everyday play. From apparel to accessories to shoes, the brand promises a stock of big fashion at little prices.

Junior’s Fashion Week is an edutainment platform where the young boys and girls who are groomed in a fashion adept environment. They imbibe the winning art of confidence and personality. The JFW Runway is a restricted privilege for many as it caters to a niche audience; the showcase is witnessed by revered individuals like HNIparents and buyers, influential mothers, fashion influencers. Additionally, representatives of leading fashion houses, notable media channels amongst other influential pockets of kids’ fashion industry also mark their attendance at the JFW Runway Showcase.

For more details:

Ankita Sule, 08286430527

Sohan Roy Features In Top 100 Indian Business Owners 2018 By Forbes Middle East

Dubai (14-05-2018): UAE-based NRI industrialist Sohan Roy (, Chairman and CEO of Aries Group has been featured in the coveted ‘Top 100 Indian Business Owners in the Arab World 2018’ list released by the Forbes Middle East. This is for the fourth consecutive year he has been featured in the top 50 count on the list.

Under the astute vision and leadership of Sohan Roy, a naval architect turned Hollywood director, UAE-based Aries Group has grown exponentially. Aries Group (, today, is one of the largest multinational conglomerates in the Middle East with 47 companies operating in 15 countries across the globe. The diversified group has presence in oil and gas, marine, media, medical, entertainment and tourism sectors.

Commenting on the announcement, Sohan Roy said, “It is something special, a recognition for serving the UAE is precious and priceless. I thank the visionary rulers of Middle East for creating vibrant opportunities. NRI entrepreneurs played a crucial role in the development of the region by tapping the potential wisely and effectively. The UAE is the strategic business partner of India and bilateral trade may exceed 100 billion US dollar by 2020. It underlines deep relationship between the UAE and India. And I dedicate this success to my team and business partners.”

He highlighted that as part of Vision 2020, the group will double its presence in marine, tourism and entertainment sectors in Middle East and India.

Sohan Roy who is the Founder Director of Indywood ( also spearheads Indywood consortium which is backed by 2,000 Indian billionaires and corporate.

The 10 billion US dollar Project Indywood aims at initiating 10,000 new 4K projection multiplex screens, 1,00,000 Atmos 4K/2K projection home cinemas, film studios, animation/VFX studios and film schools conforming to international standards. Indywood TV positioned as 24/7 entertainment channel with special focus on movie centric programs and shows is another flagship venture of Indywood.

Sohan Roy’s Hollywood directorial venture Dam999 movie had won many national and international accolades. Besides he pioneered the concept of building dual 4K multiplexes and Atmos home cinemas in less space.

About Aries Group

Aries Marine and Engineering Services established in 1998 is the flagship company of Aries Group. Aries Marine, an ISO certified naval architecture and marine engineering consultancy in Middle East, offers comprehensive range of technical consultancy and project management services to the maritime industry and ship owners worldwide.

The group runs Aries Plex, Asia’s first dual 4K projection theatre, at Trivandrum, Kerala. The group also operates Aries Vismaya Max Studio, previously owned by Malayalam film actor Mohanlal. The group employs close to 1600 people across the globe and 400 alone in India.

Trivandrum-based Aries Epica Studio, another venture of Aries Group, sprawled across 16,000 sq ft area produces quality animation projects for Europe and Asia based broadcasters.

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Mukesh M Nair

Media Head, Aries Group



Buena Vida Becomes Grand With the launch of Ballroom by BCB Amidst Celebrities And Industry Insiders

Buena Vida Leisure Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading hospitality establishments in the suburbs of Mumbai who have their prowess proven with unmatched footfalls at their amazing profiles like Blanco Andheri, Blanco Bandra and Bombay Cocktail Bar. They have taken their potential to the next level with the launch of a 7,000 sq. ft. ball room named ‘Ballroom by BCB’.


The founders of Buena Vida Leisure Pvt. Ltd. Jatin Mansata, Neerav Shah, Kushal Sankhe, Kedar Shetty, Roshan Thakker, Aniket Patil, Manish Shah, along with Deepak Beri of Shimmers Entertainment were congratulated for adding a new feather to their cap by the galore of celebrities like Arshi Khan, Shraddha Das, DJ Aqeel, Parth Samthaan, Palash Munchchal, Bejoy Nambiar, Armaan Kohli, Akash Dadlani, Sumier S. Pasricha, Parul Gulati, Aditi Sharma Ved, Jayati Bhatia, Garima Jain, Sunil Pal, Arvinder Singh, Chandni, Raj Arjun of ‘Secret Superstar’ fame, Divya Chouksey, Divyajyoti Sharma along with designers Nikhat Mariyum Neerushaa of ‘Neerushaa – Roots Of India’, Sneha Gogoi and many others.

‘Ballroom by BCB’ sets to inspire with it’s elegantly luxurious interiors. Be it an exclusive gala dinner, weddings, fashion shows, product launches, exhibitions, corporate or social events. Ballroom by BCB is here to rival anything coupled with an impeccable service, rich spread of gourmet foods and a state of the art interiors.